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One of a kind handmade faerie wings and headdresses.

Dragonfly Strapless Slik Faerie Wings

Dragonfly Strapless Slik Faerie Wings


Light and lovely, these handmade faerie wings are the perfect size for making mischievous magic. These wings are made of hand painted silk and lightweight wire. While delicate and detailed in style, they are sturdy and comfortable.

This pair is strapless and has a u-shaped bar (covered in soft fabric) that slides into the back of a corset, shirt, or light jacket for easy wearing.

These faerie wings are about 48 inches in total width, 24 inches from the highest tip to wing tail, and they protrude about 28 inches off of the back of the wearer. The wings can be gently bent and adjusted to the wearer's liking.

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